Switching to UE 5.3 & changes

It's been a while since the last post, but yes the project is still alive - and even more so than ever!

The project has now been converted to Unreal Engine 5.3.

Unfortunately, the Voxel plugin is currently not compatible with Lumen and the new version will take longer. That's why the voxel technique is omitted in this version.
Dafür gibt es wunderschöne Lichteffekte durch Lumen die die Welt fantastisch beleuchten.

The game design has now been finalized and the concept is in place.
Alchemy is the focus and there is no emphasis on combat.
You will be able to harvest and grow plants and process them into potions, mixtures, ointments, etc. Depending on the individual, these are also part of a different recipe and can then be sold.

A random component is planned in this regard - but that is still in development

A mood of optimism?

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